– Micro-Step-Controller with micro-step-motor drives in
all axis
– wet and dry treatment for zirconium oxide, aluminium
oxide, wax, PMMA, plastics, nano-composite,
lithium-disilicate and glass ceramic blocks
– closed blank holder 98mm
– heavy duty steel construction with monoblock
aluminium casted machine body
– One blank holder incl. transmission for high stability
– High-Frequency-milling-spindle up to 100.000 rpm
– automatic 6 times tool changer
– collet with 3 mm shaft
– integrated high-precision tool length sensor
– cooling liquid tank integrated
– integrated 10″ touch display
– integrated NUC Control-PC
– incl. CNC-Software “smart control V1”
– automatic air-pressure-control
– tool-lifetime-control with visualization
– toll-breakage-control
– incl. 6-fold glass ceramics holder