About Us

Glaze Dental Depot is a leading dental distribution company formed in 2007 by Mr. Vishal Vashi & Mr. Kumar Vasani in India. They started this company with only 5 products and over the period of Long 12 Years of hard work, dedication & determination Now we are having total basket of more than 500 products. And after a huge success and hard work we expanded our Operation in USA- New Jersey.

Our Director Mr. Vishal Vashi thought became a platform and awaken the whole dental fraternity in the form of BAHUBALI which is only to provide education in PAN India. To flourish this concept Glaze Dental is coming up with STATE OF THE ART training centre in MUMBAI,India where we will be conducting different levels of intensive training, lectures and Hands-on course which will be conducted by our Professional CDT.

The company focuses on each and every customer and enables them for sustained growth by leveraging state of the art tools and techniques by delivering services faster, better and affordable in the most efficient and flexible manner that makes our model a win-win for all its customers.

Core Purpose

To delivery anything, anywhere to anyone at any point of time.

Core Values

  • To Maintain Dignity
  • Value Relationships
  • Ethics
  • Being Empathetic
  • Empower Individual

Our Mission

To consistently innovate & create a learning environment by harnessing talent & knowledge among our employees, partners & vendors to deliver visible value to our customers

Our Events

About Bahubali

Bahubali is not only a thought , it is an initiative which has awaken the whole dental fraternity. Our main purpose of Bahubali is only to provide education to each & every corner of India. Our initiative started with very first thing of bringing together all the dental technician friends on one platform.
That is why we could gather around 700 + Dental technician in our 1st Edition at Bahubali Mumbai which was for PAN INDIA. To carry forward this legacy we organized 2nd Edition for southern part of India, Bangalore. Where we gathered around 300+ Dental labs from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
To continue this path of success to provide Education/Training to our Dental technician friends we decided to organize the 3rd Edition of bahubali in “Capital of India” Delhi.